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Digital Enquirer

Share only the FACTS!

Boost your knowledge and learn
new ways to shape a safer online information space.

Complete the Digital Enquirer Kit, a free e-learning guide, that empowers you with fact-seeking superpowers.

Become #InfoPowered

Spreading misinformation could have serious consequences.

Know how to protect yourself & others by completing the Digital Enquirer Kit. Learn Skills to identify the facts before sharing information.

Become #InfoPowered

Module 1

Learn skills to identify misinformation

Learn everything you need to know about misinformation & how you can help protect the people around you from accessing misinformation

Module 2

Verify and create trustworthy information

Gain access to tips on how to verify any information you receive – has your friend sent you a factual article?

Module 3

Doing your
own research

Get the facts & share the facts with our tailored courses that help you manage & secure your information online

Module 4

Become a data whiz
for the future

Learn tricks on how to manage different types of data and making sure you are a future-fit content creator, no matter who you are

Module 5

Digital Safety for

Gain knowledge and access information and resources to counteract and cope with harassment online.

Why should you
complete the course?

Group 79

Learn how to identify & verify content
before sharing it with your community

Group 78

Learn the skills you need to ensure you
create high quality content

Group 77

Protect yourself and your sources online

Group 87

Earn mobile data rewards

Become #InfoPowered

“Infopowered” means being empowered with factual information
to make the right decisions for you and your online community

[Factual] Information + Empowered Spirit

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